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Caikes. Seattle. 24. Just sharing my obsessions. I'm in love with music. I also post frequent "mug shots".

Top obsessions: Dave Matthews Band, Buffy, Seattle, potatoes, TMNT, 60's/70's, 90's, Harry Potter, Led Zeppelin, Marianas Trench, music in general, Ireland, Spider-Man, Brand New, squirrels, gingers!, and british tv series.

Mug Shot Monday | Mug Shot of the Day

Monkey has his first mug shot. My sister sent this via email today. Apparently they had to take it a few times to get his eyes open. Haha. I miss my little dude. 

  1. superfluouswheel said: *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*
  2. jaegerpunk said: riuewadfjkshfj klasg dfdsgs jdfg aarwadnsjkfnjkcvdflmnjkvcharwedjsoi fkhcefn daradskjfa kclfdhnvocaw;leksdjhf nvjkdfh jkvcdhsnvjkdfnjvkan sdjkFcnmakl;sdfj vkfdsnckm asdm njvackfsdhfncmkwjeadshnfjkcadsjmkvclsd ncjxkvnfsdklxjvcmkdlsjvn jckf dsnxcvjkcf
  3. adreamisawish said: Cuuuute!!
  4. stillabunchofmisfits said: That is so freaking adorable.
  5. treesong said: -thud-
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