life is short but sweet for certain

Let's experience this thing called life.

Caitlin. Seattle. 23. Just sharing my obsessions. I'm in love with music. I also post frequent "mug shots".

Top obsessions: Dave Matthews Band, Buffy, British TV Series, potatoes, 60's/70's, 90's, Harry Potter, Led Zeppelin, Marianas Trench, music in general, Ireland, Seattle, Spider-Man, Brand New, Ninja Turtles, squirrels, and gingers.


i want every single person to watch buffy the vampire slayer



Hi yes have you accepted Buffy Summers into your heart as your personal lord and savior?


The Bronze

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get to know me meme: tv shows / buffy the vampire slayer (1997-2003)

Buffy & Spike | BTVS | S2-S7

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Buffy aired 17 years ago today and yet it still remains to be timeless

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god, grant me the compassion and understanding of tara maclay, the forgiveness and strength of buffy summers, and the self-confidence and conviction of cordelia chase

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer as a high school drama series