life is short but sweet for certain

Let's experience this thing called life.

Caikes. Seattle. 24. Just sharing my obsessions. I'm in love with music. I also post frequent "mug shots".

Top obsessions: Dave Matthews Band, Buffy, Seattle, potatoes, TMNT, 60's/70's, 90's, Harry Potter, Led Zeppelin, Marianas Trench, music in general, Ireland, Spider-Man, Brand New, squirrels, gingers!, and british tv series.


Spike’s excellent back appreciation post.

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Amber & James in Chance (2002)



Reblog if you’ve ever watched a tv show or movie because of one specific actor in it.


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Smallville  - 07x10 Persona

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I think about this from time to time(ok yeah like fucking constantly. sue me.)…

I believe I’ve figured out my perfect Fivesome. Or, you know, I could be the 5th wheel in THAT foursome. If you see what i’m gettin’ at.


This is important and you all need to remember because it’s my dying wish.


Sarah Michelle Gellar/James Marsters/ME/Dave Matthews/Alexz Johnson

In so MANY variations of order, of course.

The voices and bodies and UNF.

I don’t want to be this good looking and athletic. We all have crosses to bear.

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"A bleached asshole" + "Cuddling" = “Me Time”